Marco is an Italian director born in Milan whose origins go back to south of Italy, from Bari, Apulia,  to Messina, Sicily.
He got a five years diploma in Graphics Advertisement and a one year diploma in Filmmaking.
Before moving into directing he started working in the Industry of commercials as production assistant at Karen Film, and soon after, as assistant director for many Italian and international production companies, working for brand such as Campari, Credit Swiss, Mtv, Migros, and Sony Pictures for the feature film “The International”.
After moving to London he discovered the underground UK indie music scene, bands and labels, which brought him to become a music video director.
In Italy he started working as well with Universal Music, Discovery Channel, Hyundai and many other clients.
He is now working between London and Milan as freelance writer/director for music videos, commercials, and feature films.